"Whatever can be seen can be photographed". That is (for the most part) a fact – but more so - it is the photographer's challenge.
Z'ev Gross' photography is a constant striving to successfully meet that challenge – the challenge of having the viewer "see" what the photographer "sees". It's all in the relationship between the photographer and the viewer.
How, then, does Z'ev see that relationship? Obviously – as a picture!

An image is, metaphorically, a straight line, defined by three points – the "object", the "eye" and the "head". The "object" expresses the physical attributes of the image's subject; the "eye" expresses the physical means by which the object is viewed. The "head" expresses the interpretation of the image formed in the viewer's eye and gives it meaning to the viewer.
The" head", however, is substantially more than just a physical entity – it is the cumulative life experience of the photographer, or the viewer. The "head" is what drives the photographer to put the object into its composition and create the image. The "head" is what "sees".
If you should, metaphorically, "move" any of those points – change the metaphoric "position" of the object, the eye, or move the head, or in more concrete terms, change their expression or articulation – and the straight line is metaphorically replaced by an angle other than 180 degrees – the perspective.

The photographer's challenge is to present his image in a way that allows viewers of his work to "identify" and identify with his "straight line" – to understand the image as he did, to see his perspective.
Z'ev has been photographing for over thirty years, merging his technical abilities with his life experiences, creating the ability to see, to actually SEE. Z'ev brings that not only to his photographs – but to all his activity surrounding his imagery, assignments, workshops, exhibitions etc.

The images appearing here were chosen because they are deeper than the screen. They were chosen not only to be seen, but also to be felt. Whatever you might find in these images – look deeper, feel them, seek human emotion. Although created with a mechanical tool they are composed – at least partially – of the experience of human existence. It is a place we can all identify with. Join Z'ev there. All it takes is to see in a straight line.